Raequel, Rose Bride Empress Returned to Reign (systris) wrote in godsfanclub,
Raequel, Rose Bride Empress Returned to Reign

Kirk Cameron says you're going to hell

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Right message, wrong way to say it. You don't win people to Christ by opening a dialogue with "Hi! You're going to hell!"
true dat.
Eww. I used to have such a crush on him back in "Growing Pains" days. Stuff like that makes me hesitated to admit to being a Christian. :oÞ
I've been to that website before! It was so upsetting for me when I took that stupid quiz. I had been a Catholic my entire life, and I was ready to throw it all away because of Christians like that that guilt you into thinking you're a horrible person if you make one mistake. Ugh!

Yeah, that's such a great way to get people to wanting to be Christian by telling them how much they've hurt God by sinning and that they'll go to hell. No one wants to hear that, and no one would want to worship a God they think is cruel.
LoLz, that's the funniest site ever. Is that really serious??? It seems more like a parody...