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He's watching you. No, not God, the nosy pastor is.

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This news story just boggled my mind.

Texas church tracks adult store patrons.

Y'know, I can't even say the initial thought was good. This pastor is photographing people's cars in the parking lot of an adult video store and then sending them the photo of their car with a postcard that says, "Observed you in the neighborhood. Didn't know if you were aware there is a church in the area … please stop by next time. We'd love to have you visit."

Or to translate it: "There's a church nearby with people who don't believe in freedoms. We're watching you."

What does it matter what these people are watching? Why does this guy care? They're not coming into his home and saying, "I'm going to make you watch PORN! Ahahahahaha!"

A couple of highlights:

"Norwood readily agreed. But those who dismiss his invitation to church will perhaps take their business elsewhere, 'somewhere they won't be hassled,' he said. 'There are a lot of other places … where they can go if they want to persist in this kind of behavior.'"

So, he admits to hassling these people. He could go to some other country with his behavior, if it were up to me.

"Norwood is also counting on unhappy reactions from wives or girlfriends who get to the mail first. "When she asks, 'What were you doing over there?' they're going to have some explaining to do. If they're embarrassed by it, maybe they shouldn't be doing it in the first place."

Um, it's not completely unheard of for couples or women to watch adult movies. Get your facts straight dude.

Don't you just love the "Christians" who don't do the real Christians any favors?
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