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::Glomps Systris:: What a lovely comm! I didn't know you had this laying around. I'm definitely going to have to pimp this to a few others I know who share this way of thinking. I'm the founder/mod of BeholdTheLamb, which I made ages ago after repeated incidents of getting a twitchy stabby hand when I was a member of Christianity (between the Stepford Christians, and the atheistic trolls who attacked every post to where peaceful fellowship with other Christians became impossible... argh!)

So many of these people who claim the name of God drive me up the freakin' wall. I mean, you know it's getting bad when the majority of people you find who don't make your ass twitch when you spend more than two minutes talking to them are non-Christians instead of your own siblings in Christ. I know some damn nifty people who are Christians, and I'm glad for it. But so many of them... ::tic::

1) The sole purpose of marriage and life in general is not to breed. Thank you.
2) Babies are not the Holy Grail. Stop focusing your Church around crotchdroppings.
3) Women are most assuredly not men's spiritual inferiors.
4) Jesus put the royal smackdown on the Pharisees and holier-than-thou hypocrites.
5) The people who most "Christers" don't want in their church would have been among the very crowd Jesus would have been happy to dine with.
6) Your little brain cannot comprehend the full scope of God, or His reasonings, or His thoughts. Stop acting like you do.
7) God is a God of Love, and a God of free will, and a God of free choice. This doesn't mean you can do whatever you want - there are consequences and results of every action: you reap what you sow. But this doesn't mean He wants us all to be uniform little yesmanish robots either.
8) Stop twisting the Bible to suit your purposes, moron. You're not allowed to beat your wife. If you want to take scripture out of context, an eye for eye. C'mere, and let me kick your balls into the next county.
9) God deals with all of us on an individual basis, and we are all unique. Not all 'sins' are universal, some things can depend on its importance in your life in relation to God and how much control you have over it (such as drinking liquor). We have no need for a pastor or a high priest to issue mandates on what we can and cannot do, because Jesus is our High Priest. That veil in the temple wasn't ripped in half by God Himself just because He was bored.

::facevaults:: Intolerant, narrow-minded, Stepford Christians make my stabby hand twitchy.
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